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CallerID, SMS and Mail Spoofing Calls with Number substitution, SMS, Mail SIP Telephony


Yeni Üye
Technologies for the protection of telephone conversations - we will provide methods and means of protection aimed at ensuring the confidentiality of the exchange of information between subscribers.
Phone with advanced capabilities!
Our telephony is comfort, multifunctionality, reliability, safety.
Basic information:
—Unlimited use after connection;
— Setting takes no more than 5 minutes;
— Calls to all countries of the world;
— A large number of functions;
— Cheap communication tariffing;
— Unlimited number of shifts of the number
— From ordinary calls to confidential business refineries;
— The ability to purchase a virtual number for receiving calls and SMS in more than 10 countries of the world;
— Uninterrupted connection; -support for the forced TLS, SRTP encryption for SIP calls, excluding the possibility of wiretapping traffic;
— Protection against billing; -the inability to compare a specific call and the IP address of the calling subscriber;
— We do not save personal data and do not record your conversations;
— The possibility of connecting two subscribers;
— The ability to send SMS;
— The record of calls is possible;
— Distortion of the voice;
— It is possible to substitute an e-mail address;
— The program is supported on all operating systems.

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Phone for offices, call centers, shops, personal use, business and other things!
Connection price, tariffs: specify personally.
Support 24/7, we are always in touch!
New customers discount - for the first connection!
Basic: $25 Extended: $50 VIP: $95

To verify functionality
send me two numbers in messages.
The first is from which to call. Format: +1234567890
The second - to which to call. Format: +1234567890
I will provide forum users with 2 accounts of the "Basic" tariff for viewing at a price of $ 25 per review. When connected, the initial balance is $2.